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Customers with any make or model of vehicle are sure to need checking of the brake status of their vehicle on a regular basis. The best way to find a great deal is to check out the current service specials at David McDavid Acura of Austin.

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Benefits of New Brake Pads

According to experts in the automotive field, a malfunctioning brake system can ruin a vehicle’s safety profile. After enduring thousands of miles on the road, the brake pads will need to be replaced at some point. Luckily, the majority of modern braking systems are designed with a wear indicator. When the brake pads get low, the wear indicator will make a distinctive squealing noise. Warped rotors are also noticeable if your vehicle is shaking or vibrating while applying your brakes. By replacing your brake pads in a timely matter, you can prevent damage to your brake rotors. In the event that the brake rotors have already started to warp, they will need to either be resurfaced or replaced. Furthermore, our service center will inspect your brake lines and the brake fluid.

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The car care technicians at David McDavid Acura of Austin are trained professionals who have rotated tires hundreds of times and have the knowledge and expertise to do this task safely and accurately, assuring drivers that their cars will be safe and their tires will wear evenly. Not only can these professionals work on all Acura models, but also they can rotate tires on all makes and models of cars, both foreign and domestic. The professionals at McDavid Acura are not only knowledgeable but also friendly and respectful and will treat each car with the care it deserves. Customers are treated as individuals as technicians take the time to listen to concerns. Technicians can also perform a variety of other maintenance tasks at the same visit as the tire rotation.

Brake Service

Aftermarket parts can jeopardize the dependability and the overall performance of your vehicle. Fortunately, our service center only uses genuine OEM components. On average, genuine OEM parts have a significantly longer lifespan and also tend to have a longer warranty period. This is a key advantage for the car owners who plan to keep their vehicle for the long haul. Genuine OEM parts will also help preserve your car’s resale value.