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Facebook Offer:  $140.90 Special

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1 Tire Replacement Acura MDX

David McDavid Acura of Austin

$14090 plus tax & applicable fees
(Continental p235/65R17)
4 Tire Replacement $752.80. Come in today for a quote on our Good, Better & Best tire pricing.
Normally 188.20. Discount Tire $205.25, NTB $209.50, Costco $192.00. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
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Benefits of Tire Rotation

Tires are a vital part of what keeps a vehicle healthy while on the road. For example, poorly inflated tires severely reduce gas mileage, and tires with poor tread do not perform well on slippery surfaces. Tire rotation has much to do with these and other aspects of tire life. Having tires rotated at least every 6,000 miles increases the life of the tires by ensuring that the tire tread is worn down evenly. It can also improve gas mileage by creating less friction with the road. Of course, tires that are rotated as recommended make for a much more comfortable driving experience with less road noise and vibration. Finally, the cost for having tires rotated will actually save money in the end because of how it lengthens the life of the tires. With tires being so expensive, it is a great idea for drivers to pay the small fee for regular tire rotations.

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